It occurred to me that writing a blog post doesn’t have to be a formal event, a perfect prose or even meaningful. I said to my husband yesterday that I wish I just wrote down all the random shit that goes on in my head, so I can get it out and hopefully give someone a smile over their coffee. So I’ve decided no more weeks of planning my post, thinking I’ll sit down with a glass of wine at midnight and write it (what, am I in a movie, when would this even happen) and any way, all my good thoughts get lost in the next load of washing, the sterilising of bottles and taking dirty nappies to the bin. Please don’t take me too seriously I enjoy having a little rant, a bit of fun. I’ll be onto something else tomorrow, trust me.

My most recent thought is this; why don’t people smile any more? Like, power walking along a foot path, taking your coffee order. Is this a thing? Like I get it, I don’t want to smile and say hello to the barrel chested middle aged men that firstly look me up and down, have a stare, then huff past me dribbling sweat and BO into the atmosphere – they don’t count. In my thoughts is what I mean, of course they count, just not here. Are we seriously too busy and important to interact with other humans? (sleazy old men not included) Especially when taking other peoples money for coffee? Maybe I didn’t get the memo. Soz guys, I’m the annoying one that does eye contact at the counter and smiles when I say thankyou and expect you to do the same. FYI “What would you like?” without a prior “Hello” whilst looking extremely bored at the space above my head, is just bad manners. It’s a cafe with cute tables and $4.50 coffee, not fucking Maccas.

The most beautiful smiles I got yesterday were from a group of homeless indigenous ladies, smiling and waving to Santo they were just so beautiful and yes they threw in there a little ‘have you got two dollers for the bus’ and I so wish I did but I’m terrible at carrying cash, but they made my day and I hope our little chat made theirs. How good does it feel to recieve a smile, to give a smile, to genuinely connect with another human even for a fleeting moment in our busy lives?

We have lived in a few places, and you can tell a lot about a place and the people from going on a walk (sneakers kind of walk).

Melbourne – it’s serious fucking business my friends. Running around the Tan, it’s a lick of the lip, a glance at the watch, but straight ahead kids, or at the toe end of your shoe, just not at the person coming your way. Then of course you break it down by suburb and that changes everything. Take your damn ear phones out for five damn seconds and just engage, maybe not while you’re trying to break your own record, its OK you don’t have to go that far, but in a store, in a cafe, hold the door for the lady with the pram, smile and say thankyou. What’s the point of a marketing company sitting there and nutting out the “R U OK?” campaigns that roll around every year if people-to-people we don’t know how to connect.

Mildura – I am not even sure how people actually get any excercise done. Every thirty two centimetres you run into someone else and the chat goes on forever, the dogs have to get tangled up, your husband just wants to say g’day to that bloke over there and you practically have to dance on the spot to feel like you’ve moved. Same same in the supermaket, hilariously so. Mildura, you win you friendly bunch of legends.

Darwin – I can’t bloody work it out. I’ve found it haaaaaard work to get a smile out of a barista, there’s loads of mums out walking and so there’s lots of empathetic side smiles which almost look like a confused face, but lately people have just been so damn serious. Is it the wet season? Maybe I’m just that puppy dog that doesn’t get out much and wants to beam at everyone. Oh my gosh maybe I am. No, fuck it actually, bloody smile and say hello. This world needs more peace, more smiles, more love.

Apologies. The more I write from my head unplanned the more swearing is going to happen. x


I’m wearing the Frida Dress from Birdsong Label


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